In this premiere episode of The Client Side™ Podcast, award-winning financial services client acquisition specialist, Bill Walton addresses what he calls “The $30 Trillion Chase.” This "chase" speaks to the $30 trillion of wealth that has begun shifting from one generation to the next with baby boomers passing on their legacies. Joined by his co-host award-winning media and branding expert Shakira M. Brown they share what strategies professionals in wealth management can and should implement to acquire and retain more clients. Walton shares thoughtful insights on how being a “thinking partner” and practicing the “joy of helping” can attract new prospects and offer more value to clients. Plus, discover how-to “Mean More to Clients” in Walton’s “Bill-ism” of the episode.

Show Notes

Host and Executive Producer: Bill Walton, Financial Services Client Acquisition Specialist

Bill Walton is the CEO of Bill Walton Sales Training a Client Acquisition firm with over 20 years of experience in helping financial services firms "mean more" to clients. Learn more about Bill Walton and download our free whitepaper “The New Era in Prospecting in Wealth Management” by visiting

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Co-Host and Supervising Producer/Editor : Shakira M. Brown, award-winning PR & Branding Expert and National Professional Small Business Speaker

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